Wildman of the Brazos or the Brazos Monster

Brazos River

The Brazos river and its tributaries are the source for a few sasquatch sightings. However, we are going to start with the disappearance of Claude Glenn. He was an 18yr old boy from Lorena, Texas who went missing at Horseshoe Bend on the Brazos river on the evening of April 7th, 1926. There are few facts to go on, but he was with 4 other young men sitting around a campfire when they all heard a monstrous scream from the nearby woods along the river. One of them yelled “WILDMAN”, and evidently Claude ran in fear into a nearby thicket, where he was never heard from again.

The police end up holding the 4 men, and there was talk of charging one of them, Lee Sage, after the sheriff claimed to have a statement from one of their attorneys, which was strongly denied by Sage.

We will never really know what happened.  An alibi that a Wildman, or sasquatch,  scared the boy and then he just disappeared is a fairly stupid lie to tell the cops to cover up a murder. However, if that’s what really happened, what else are you going to say? You can read the accounts below, and consider what might have happened.

The_Eagle_Mon__Apr_12__1926_ (1)

The_Eagle_Sat__Apr_17__1926_ (1)

There is a history to the area that was remarkably easy to uncover through the newspaper archives that led me to begin with the story of Claude Glenn. We have reports coming from as early as 1905 up until current times. All are along the Brazos and its watershed.




Here is a list of sightings that has been compiled from various sasquatch and ape research sites. Credit for these accounts remains with their original sites.


The mystery continues…