Questionable Critters

No, we are not talking about misguided youth with a lack of morals. We are generally talking about Big Cats. Over the years there have been many reports of what are best reffered to as “Questionable Critters” in West Texas.  Most of these animals are known to exist, but not in our region of the country.  The “Black Panther” is a perfect example. Whether you call it a panther, cougar, or jaguar, these cats have been seen and reported with increasing frequency over time by hunters, ranchers, and even city folks that have no business being out in the West Texas environs.

Part of the problem is that science has no problem admitting that these animals exist, they just cannot admit that they exist HERE. These are all animals that, for some reason or other, have not been officially recognized as being present in the area. This is in spite of local game officials privately admitting that they are indeed real and here. It seems to be that when a report is made, its often termed a “rogue” or “lost”. Its either that, or its “misidentified”.

Well, the devil is in the details, and we will be looking at the data and sightings in order to see if there is something more than rumor to this. Please start off with reading about the “Haskell Varmint“, and read a nice piece of history that had one area baffled and scared for a few years.

The question is… Are they still here?