Damned Dirty Apes

Those Damned Dirty Apes. Wooly Boogers. Wildmen. Apemen. Sasquatch. Bigfoot.

It does not matter what you call them. They keep getting reported and seen by people over the years. Just when you think the woods and chinry of West Texas is a safe and wholesome God-fearing place again, these guys pop back up. When they do, it usually is accompanied by hunters scared off their leases, families seeing them peeking in windows, and drivers having odd experiences. Lets not forget the reports students have made of them hiding behind bushes in schoolyards.

The truth is much more interesting and complex than those sensational sounding claims. One thing that we are hoping to share with you is that there appears to be a pattern with these reports and sightings. Our working hypothesis is that these are natural and uncatalogued animals that are using the rivers and streams of West Texas as corridors of movement. As of yet, were this movement is going,  what direction and when, is a mystery. Currently, the reports seem sparse enough when compared to East Texas and other parts of the country that we postulate that the data we have access to lends itself to movement through our region, and not indicating a living native population.

Lets begin with examining some historical events, and then we invite you to explore our Rivers and Sightings area.

Historical Events and Encounters

The Hawley Him

The Caddo Critter

The Brazos Monster