Caddo Critter

Caddo is a small community located approximately 14 miles east of Breckenridge on Hwy 180. Today, it is a veritable ghost town, a community that has fallen, like so many other small towns, to the “Old Man Interstate” and the mass migration to suburbia over the years. It was never very large, and during the year 2000 it consisted of only 40 souls. The industry in the region is mainly ranches and farms. This bears some importance at the end if this article.

That means it is downright deserted out there, to you city folk.

Charlie Gant

Charlie Gantt, 72 and a local rancher, states that he shot at the ape 9 or 10 times with his .22lr revolver. The ape departed the area of his home that night, on July 18th, 1964.

Unclear, but common sense says before, is the report by little Gene Couch,9, who reported seeing the ape while walking to a fishing spot on that same day. His mother also stated that “something” had been fighting with the dogs at night. Again, its unclear, but seems reasonable to assume she is referring to the night before or even earlier to these events.

Caddo Gene Couch

Something had the residents all worked up. You can read below the articles that describe the pandemonium that this caused the little community.

Abilene_Reporter_News_Mon__Jul_20__1964_ (1)

Abilene_Reporter_News_Tue__Jul_21__1964_ (1)

Abilene_Reporter_News_Wed__Jul_22__1964_ (3)


This article references a mother and young boy, who appeared to prefer to remain anonymous, that reports of seeing the creature near a pond and it turning towards them, growling and throwing rocks, then departing.

The_Amarillo_Globe_Times_Thu__Jul_23__1964_ (1)

Then the insane public second guessing starts to kick in. Peoples theories about what it could be, even though all the witnesses described the same thing.

Abilene_Reporter_News_Fri__Jul_24__1964_ (1)


A Yak? To be clear, this is a yak. Below it is a gorilla. Below that is a possible sasquatch.




Now a yak is related to cattle. These people are all ranchers and farmers, and live in a community that is overflowing with cattle. I find it hard to believe that they could confuse anything resembling a yak with a gorilla. If not recognizing a yak, I would expect them to describe it as a very hairy cow.

New Update…

We performed a little site survey of Caddo and its area as it exists today. Included is the area believed to be of Jimmie Couch’s encounter. We are not able to locate the Gant location at this time.






The mystery continues…