2017 Texas Bigfoot Conference Sponsorship

2017 conference

We are proud to announce we are sponsoring this years conference. We have not attended a conference since the original one in 2001, which ended with our truck being sideswiped by a guy passing on the right. This year, hopefully there will not be a pattern that emerges.

We are looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones, and as always getting together and comparing notes. We have 2 new investigation areas in addition to the Sam Houston region this year, and we shall see if they provide any fruit. Already, our team has recorded an impressive set of vocals out of Southeast Texas for us this year, and we believe the activity for the rest of the year will be good.


The Southern Bigfoot Alliance Youth Expedition of 2017


We just returned from spending the weekend with the AWESOME folks that hosted the SBA’s Youth Expedition. We wish especially to thank Dustin, Bryan, Mark, Shane, Gary, and Jacob for an outstanding weekend. This was a dry run of an event that this group is hoping to become an annual event. Three days of family and bigfoot. You can’t beat that.

Mark D. especially gets a big shout out as the gentleman who excelled at the impossible task of holding this group of kids interested and entertained for about 45 minutes listening to a rather educational lecture on what sasquatch are believed to be at this time. He included new and fresh material provided by fellow investigators which these kids were privileged to see. Any person who can interest 3yr to 14yr old children at the same time for so long a period deserves recognition. Well Done!!

We also wish to  thank the owners of the Laketime RV Park of Sulphur, Oklahoma. They provided above and beyond service.



Our one complaint came from little Owen, who was sad he did not see any monsters while monster hunting, lol. As a consolation, he was able to erect his first “sand castle”.




The Brazos Booger Bridge


This is an abandoned bridge across the Brazos River in Central Texas.

This bridge has a local reputation that if a person is here at night, they will be screamed at, have objects thrown at them, and have their vehicles jarred. We have received 2 anecdotal reports from locals that the usual time of activity is between 2-4 a.m..

These are views of the ends and the south facing side of the Bridge. The north is the location of the new, replacement bridge that I will post views from below. People are reporting that either when parked at the ends of the bridge, or while fishing below the bridge, they occasionally will be harassed. I have yet to find a witness account where someone reports actually seeing any animals responsible for the harassment.


This is the 2nd location in our region of Texas that appears to have a “troll” reputation.  The first we came across is The Coke County Troll.

Odd finding on Memorial Day Weekend in the Sam Houston Region

We had another productive meeting with fellow investigators this past weekend. Due to strong storms forecasted for Sunday, our meeting and group activities were disbanded Sunday at noon. Jennifer and I elected to stay in the area at a local hotel Sunday night so that we could try to obtain nighttime audio of the forests after the storms past. We decided to explore some areas that we had not been to before, and made the following possible discovery. Because of the threat of storms, we elected to stay relatively close to the vehicle and therefore did not push our hikes deeper than about 1/2 mile. Due to maintaining integrity of the site, we are not identifying its location other than to state it is east of interstate 45. Here is what we found.

We discovered a blind that overlooks a tank in the forest. It is located among some trees that have grown up on the top of the berm created by the tank’s excavation. The core feature of the blind is a log that has been broken from its mate (which lays adjacent to it) which has been propped up between two trees to sit at a 30degree angle. The log is approximately 15″ in diameter and over 12 feet long. Neither one or both of us could even budge the log in any way. This log formed the main support for the blind structure. The break pattern was of a nature that allowed us to easily match it to the rest of its log laying near it at a 90 degree angle at the front of the blind. This indicates that the log was lifted from its original position and placed where it is now, possible being broken at that time. There is evidence of burning at the ends of all logs in the area (most probably a controlled burn sometime in the past), except for the end of the log in the air, which is untouched by flame.

It is our contention that this blind has an unknown origin in original construction, but has since been added too or even co-opted by a human hunter. It offers perfect oversight and observation of the tank area. There is very little debris onsite that usually marks human use. Had this original log support been of a more modest size, we would not have assumed anything other than a local hunter was involved. Please watch the video and judge for yourself if this is odd.


Eventful hike and casual survey of Area F in the Sam Houston National Forest

Well, something decided that particular tree was no longer needed. Whether it was mother nature, or something else, is unknown. However, this is a video record of our hike and survey of Area F in the SHNF on the afternoon of 11-12-16. You can hear some possible wood knocks, a possible vocalization, and then a tree abruptly falling and crashing in our immediate vicinity.

The area we are in has a history of sightings, both benign and infamous in nature. Local researchers have since informed us that they refer to this area as the “Forbidden Zone”. We literally discovered this place by accident while patrolling the back roads. We chose here due to the unusual number of odd tree breaks visible from the road, and chose our entry point based on a thin tree trunk being jammed between 4 others in a row.

There will be another upload soon that shows the same events from our other camera that was facing rear the entire time.

Recordings of unknown animal calls at Sam Houston National Forest, Area R, on 11-13-16 between 1 and 2 am.

We recorded these calls at a place designated “area R” in the Sam Houston National Forest. There are several individual clips separated by a few seconds of silence each. Please be aware the sounds are faint, so you will need headphones or need to turn your volume up very high to hear them clearly. There are trains in the background, and you hear the animals respond and mimic the trains horns. There is an unknown “moan” heard twice, and then a series of investigator calls with responses at the end.


Sam Houston National Forest 11/12-13/16 Preview

This past weekend we spent 11/11 till 11/14 in the Sam Houston National Forest, researching a few areas of interest ourselves as well as visiting our friends Waylon, Tim, and Bob.

We had two highlights of the trip we wish to give you a preview of. The first is audio of an astounding amount of unknown animals crying out in the night in response to a call performed by Waylon on the night of 11/13/16. We have amplified the sounds after Waylon’s call so that you may hear them better, however the recording at this stage is still quiet and needs headphones to be heard clearly.

Sam Houston Vocals Sample

The second item that we wish to share with you is footage from my bodycams. This shows us walking in the forest. We were only about 200 yards away from the road when a tree falls to my left at about 100 yards. Though not shown directly on camera, the tree was observed directly by both of us as it fell. It was an average tree for the area with full foliage on it. We observed it falling and hitting the ground. At no time did we observe anything else present. As the video demonstrates, weather was extremely calm and pleasant, with no wind. The tree is heard to make a sudden and decisive break and fall. The video will be posted shortly.