We created Lone Star Apes after having become aware of the depth of sasquatch-type lore in a place that common sense would tell you should have none.

Who would imagine that there was any sasquatch activity in West Texas? Just how many drugs are they using? Anyone who reports such a thing around here obviously is crazy, delusional, or just attention seeking.

We beg to differ…

This site is the work of Steven and Jennifer James. Steven was an active investigator of the sasquatch  phenomena during the late 1990’s in Washington state, in which he participated in research efforts that laid the groundwork for the discovery of the “Skookum Cast“.  They never sought publicity, and you will not find them mentioned in any articles, as the week of the expedition that made the casting and filmed the documentary, “Sasquatch: Legend meets Science“, they had chosen to move back to Abilene to finish their degrees and be close to family. Honestly, they knew about the documentary filming, and having seen how other people and sasquatch are portrayed on TV, they decided it was safer to skip the “impending media disaster” that was sure to happen. Leaving when they did is one of their greatest regrets in life.

In mid 2015 Steven, along with Jennifer, was drawn back into the world of sasquatch via the internet. During that time they became aware of the many reports and sightings in the Texas area, and they started actively researching in 2016, with a focus on historical accounts. This website is the result.

You can listen to an interview Steven had that describes an encounter in Northern California he and Heller experienced on Sasquatch Chronicles

Episode 134

Episode 134 (alternate stream)