Field Expedition Notes for March 2018

Here are some initial audio recordings we captured while in our research area this past week. I will be posting more as I locate them from the field data. The first recording is of our usual unknown animal, and I am comparing it to an owl in the video.



This second recording features our unknown howl followed a little later by coyotes. It is possible the unknown is present with the coyote calls. However, whether we are recording an unknown coyote call, or an unknown caller among coyotes, is unknown.



This last recording is an example of interference the recorder picked up. Weather was good and sky was clear. This particular recording was in the early predawn hours. The crickets and other insects are constant, but notice the shift and tonal differences in the specifically defined pattern. Also notice the “warble”.  This is the same recorder from the same night as the two above. Literally, the same recording.  I would appreciate any recording specialists or engineers to suggest what this might be.

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