Field Expedition Notes for February 2018

print 1


We spent a few days in the bush since our last blog entry. There are many things that need to be addressed.

First, we had a significant print find. The images are below. This print was found in a course sandy substrate in an area that had received significant rain for the last week. The print was old and had been rained on. The impression depth was near 2″, and it measured roughly 17″ x 8″ at the widest. It was located on a night hike, and was witnessed by 8 people including myself. It was in a remote forested location near a creek. It has obviously been rained on some, as it shows definite signs of erosion. I would estimate its age at about 3-5 days based on the rainfall at the time in the area.  I do have a significant issue with the track, in that it has little to no demonstrated detail of the toes or outlines of them. I do know that several adult males in the 200lb range tried to impress the soil it was in, and could only achieve about 1/2″ impressions.  There did appear to be a track way, but the forest soil was such that with ground clutter they were indistinct impressions, but stride averaged 5′ between impressions for about 6 total. I cannot rule out a hoax, based primarily on that I cannot explain the lack of toe definition. However, I cannot explain the depth of the impression, either.

The prior mentioned field cams failed miserable due to user error. I failed to pack the remote control. However, we did manage to get three operational and record a full night of “no activity”.  However, the deep cycle batteries have proven to only operate for about 14 hours in the field. This is not sufficient for field operations, and so we are back to the drawing board with that project for the time being.




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