September-December 2017 update


It has been a while since I have posted anything on here, and I feel like it is time to let you all have an update on the latest activities.

First, we have had 4 Outings since September, averaging one a month. Three have been to the Sam Houston region, and the last to McCurtain County in southeast Oklahoma. We find it most extraordinary to be able to say that every trip has actually yielded documented evidence. Since we have no sasquatch in my possession, we cannot claim what exactly it is that we have evidence of yet. It is simply evidence of an animal that does not fit existing and known classifications currently. The vast majority of our evidence collected has been audio. We have yet to make any direct physical sightings of any means. We would like to invite everyone here to assist us in trying to identify a known animal as the source of these recordings. We have been unable to locate a credible and referenced source for these sounds. If you can make a match and be able to back it up with known and recognized recordings of a known animal, please come forward. We will post recordings captured in another post shortly.

We have been in the Sam Houston region on 9/14-17, 10/19-22, and 11/9-12 with our private research group in Texas. On 12/7-10 We were with the Southern Bigfoot Alliance core researchers in Oklahoma. It was enlightening to experience the difference between the two groups of researchers and their methods. Superficially, both have similar practices. However, we have found that the SBA has a more “aggressive” and action oriented outlook, in that they spend more time away from camp in isolated areas, especially at night. This is mainly due to the nature of their research area, which is much larger and more isolated than what we have in southeast Texas. In the Sam Houston region all forest roads are blocked except for a specific few. In the Quachita NF most were open and accessible to vehicles.  The SBA group dove much further distances and covered more ground due to this, especially at night. We were able to stake out 3 locations a night. Conversely, in Texas, we tend to travel to one location and hike in for an extended period, but also tend to stay more centered on our camp location as well for activity.

We find it compelling that we captured audio of the same unknown howl both in Texas and in Oklahoma.  The Oklahoma location was not nearly as active as Texas is (Audio wise), which makes us feel the capture of this call is even more remarkable.

Again, we invite anyone to please step forward with positive identification of the source of these calls.

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