You never know where Boogers might pop up…

This was brought to my attention by a Facebook post from Chuck Schlabs. I am always on the lookout for interesting references to sasquatch alternative names such as “booger” that were only regionally prevalent prior to the Internet. Here, Bob Ross is talking while painting, and mentions “Boogers” at approximately 15:45. What is fascinating is his off the cuff passing reference. This show is season six, which took place around 1989, therefore well prior to the internet. That means he had to have been familiar with this term in a cultural context. This would be an example of an “original, organic source” for the use of the word “booger” and its presence in society prior to the mass media blitz of the 1990’s and the internet. Furthermore, his using it in context to his painting’s topic lends more weight to his knowing exactly what a “Booger” was.

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