The Southern Bigfoot Alliance Youth Expedition of 2017


We just returned from spending the weekend with the AWESOME folks that hosted the SBA’s Youth Expedition. We wish especially to thank Dustin, Bryan, Mark, Shane, Gary, and Jacob for an outstanding weekend. This was a dry run of an event that this group is hoping to become an annual event. Three days of family and bigfoot. You can’t beat that.

Mark D. especially gets a big shout out as the gentleman who excelled at the impossible task of holding this group of kids interested and entertained for about 45 minutes listening to a rather educational lecture on what sasquatch are believed to be at this time. He included new and fresh material provided by fellow investigators which these kids were privileged to see. Any person who can interest 3yr to 14yr old children at the same time for so long a period deserves recognition. Well Done!!

We also wish to  thank the owners of the Laketime RV Park of Sulphur, Oklahoma. They provided above and beyond service.



Our one complaint came from little Owen, who was sad he did not see any monsters while monster hunting, lol. As a consolation, he was able to erect his first “sand castle”.




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