Eventful hike and casual survey of Area F in the Sam Houston National Forest

Well, something decided that particular tree was no longer needed. Whether it was mother nature, or something else, is unknown. However, this is a video record of our hike and survey of Area F in the SHNF on the afternoon of 11-12-16. You can hear some possible wood knocks, a possible vocalization, and then a tree abruptly falling and crashing in our immediate vicinity.

The area we are in has a history of sightings, both benign and infamous in nature. Local researchers have since informed us that they refer to this area as the “Forbidden Zone”. We literally discovered this place by accident while patrolling the back roads. We chose here due to the unusual number of odd tree breaks visible from the road, and chose our entry point based on a thin tree trunk being jammed between 4 others in a row.

There will be another upload soon that shows the same events from our other camera that was facing rear the entire time.

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