Sam Houston National Forest 11/12-13/16 Preview

This past weekend we spent 11/11 till 11/14 in the Sam Houston National Forest, researching a few areas of interest ourselves as well as visiting our friends Waylon, Tim, and Bob.

We had two highlights of the trip we wish to give you a preview of. The first is audio of an astounding amount of unknown animals crying out in the night in response to a call performed by Waylon on the night of 11/13/16. We have amplified the sounds after Waylon’s call so that you may hear them better, however the recording at this stage is still quiet and needs headphones to be heard clearly.

Sam Houston Vocals Sample

The second item that we wish to share with you is footage from my bodycams. This shows us walking in the forest. We were only about 200 yards away from the road when a tree falls to my left at about 100 yards. Though not shown directly on camera, the tree was observed directly by both of us as it fell. It was an average tree for the area with full foliage on it. We observed it falling and hitting the ground. At no time did we observe anything else present. As the video demonstrates, weather was extremely calm and pleasant, with no wind. The tree is heard to make a sudden and decisive break and fall. The video will be posted shortly.

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