Experimental Area Surveillance System Ver.1.0

Here are photos of a portable camera system to be used in real time during a research expedition. Please bear in mind that this is only a proof of concept, and not a final design in any way.

The concept is simple. A completely self contained, wireless camera system capable of night vision that is entirely passive (save the wireless network, of course). The light source is independent of the cameras. The concept is for the light source to be in the middle of a camp, ideally located on a vehicle or a pole. It will be in the 2ooo-3000 lumen range initially, operating at 940nm. The idea is to literally “flood” the surrounding tree line to a depth of at least 50 yards, assuming foliage allows. The cameras will be camouflaged and hidden within the tree line at various strategic points, all aimed perpendicular to the line of approach. This way, they will possibly capture video or anything approaching the camp to investigate, but not be in the direct vision of anything approaching. As with any security camera system, the cameras will all be recording live at camp on a laptop specially configured for that purpose. Most likely they will be set to motion activate with regard to recording, but will have live video feed that can be observed in camp. Minimal operation times start at 12 hours, but this will be increased in later versions to 72 hour periods.



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