A survey of the Sam Houston NF “Torn Up Camp” location.

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Spent a while yesterday inspecting the infamous “Torn up camp” location as it was identified to me by contacts that are unquestionably involved with this situation. As I am under agreement not to publicly disclose its location, I will simply state that it is located in the western part of the Sam Houston National Forest, as defined by I-45.

Rumor states that a local researcher and his son came upon a torn up camp late one night while on foot. They proceeded to film it as they were searching it. They then called the authorities and returned sometime later that next day and filmed it again in daylight, noting how things had been changed or altered.

Having published these videos to a YouTube account, they were quickly contacted by law enforcement again and made to edit the videos in an agreement to avoid prosecution for tampering with evidence at a crime scene and interfering with an investigation. The edited versions of these recordings may still be found on the internet.

A repeating factor of this rumor is that the man and son are under agreement to not discuss this case with anyone, lest charges be brought still for violation of the agreement. For clarification, my contacts are NOT the man, nor his son.

Unsubstantiated details claim that there was a family that had been murdered at the site, of which one of the body’s were located up in a tree. It is claimed often that one person did survive the attack, and was witnessed fleeing the area in a vehicle, which was what initially caused the man and his son to investigate the road and find the camp.

Unfortunately, the actual story of this event will not be able to be told for a long time, as the 2 primary witnesses state they are NOT allowed to discuss it by virtue of a Non-Disclosure Agreement. All information gathered is, therefore, hearsay by 2nd parties close to the man at the time who must have heard details prior to the existence of any disclosure agreements.

So, in essence we have a tale of 2 researchers finding a family massacred in the woods of the Sam Houston in 2013-14. These are pictures of that location.




2 thoughts on “A survey of the Sam Houston NF “Torn Up Camp” location.

  1. Jo Faye Walker

    I have recently discovered Wes Germer’s Sasquatch Chronicles and was extremely interested in this incident. Richard? Or Stephen? Was interviewed on an episode and that’s why I tried this website. Fascinating what the government doesn’t want us to know.


    1. Please keep checking back as we will be posting more in the very near future about the TUC area.
      If you are curious, I have been featured on Sasquatch Chronicles on 4 different episodes, 3 of which are interviews and one is a replay of my interview with commentary from others. Those episodes are 134, 227, 240, and 243 (replay).


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