Never doubt what we do is dangerous… it can happen even in West Texas.

This gentleman shot a video of himself after a bear attacked him on 2 separate occasions while trying to get back to his vehicle. I will let the man speak for himself…

It is important to remember that what this man experienced is not unique to Grizzly bears or Alaska. This can happen even in West Texas with Black bear, Hog, and Cougars. Lets not forget those Rattle Snakes, either.

For that matter, Steers and Bulls can be downright nasty, as well.

Here is a video showing a hog attack some hunters and their dogs…

These and other videos are testament to why our going out into the wilderness looking for evidence of Questionable Critters can be very dangerous. Please keep that in mind when you hear about sightings or evidence presented… These can easily be situations that could have turned out much worse.




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