Case of the Curious Tree Stand

Odd Log  at Brown Springs Ok.

This is located at Brown Springs, Oklahoma along the Red River. At first, we simply commented at what a local hunter had done, but then I took a second look at it and now I am not sure. This should rightfully go into the “interesting” category, and no farther, but I wanted to share it with everyone. I measured this log as being 10 feet off the ground, and it is perfectly wedged in the branches. One limb appears to have been partially sawed, but the other is broken off, and the base shows no obvious signs of sawing. It is in a remarkable stable position, and there is no indication of how long this has been here. The original tree it came from is not in the area, so I doubt it is the remains of a tree that fell into this tree.

It overlooks across a road and into a meadow area or unused field that is surrounded by treeline. It is mostly concealed and would allow someone to observe the entire area from height without being visible. This log is much larger than what this image portrays, and must weigh several hundred pounds. It is solid, with no rotting core. I measured it at 10′ above ground level.

I find it hard, given its size and bulk, to believe a hunter or hunters would have placed it into its position. There are a million things a human could do to make this easier, such as using smaller diameter logs or even a few pieces of scrap lumber. The amount of effort it must have taken a human to place this is great enough I would think they would “work smarter, not harder.”

Has anyone else seen things like this? If so, where?

UPDATE 7-17-17

We stopped and checked out the mysterious tree stand again yesterday afternoon and took these pictures. This is approximately 1 year later from our previous visit.



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