4 notch 1

This is a print that I located at 30°39’43.7″N 95°22’05.8″W on Phelps road in the Sam Houston National Forest.  My boot is exactly 13″ in length when viewed from above, as it is here. I did not have a ruler or other measuring device on me at the time, and the print being filled with water was in such condition that I felt it could not be examined more closely and reveal anything of interest. It is solely the fact that its outline, readily apparent because of the water in it, that made this stand out. I have no idea of the soil conditions that existed when this print was made, but I do know the last 72 hours had frequent heavy rain in this area, and the entire area was saturated.

If you look to the lower right area of the above picture, There is another possible print pictured. I did not photograph this print as I did not believe it would be visible on camera as it appeared faint and ill defined. However, It appears much as it did at the time of this picture capture.

4 notch 2

This possible print was located within 4 feet behind the sunken print, but the soil was much firmer and dryer. Its primary features were the matting of vegetation, which some had already begun to release. This left boot also has a 13″ measurement.

Both prints were at a southwest direction of movement, indicating an angled direction of movement across the adjacent road. The prints were located at the roadside on the northern shoulder within 5 feet of the roadway.

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