Good leads gone bad?

I was led today to a man that I was told had an actual photo of the “Hawley Him”. This happened purely by happenstance, and was passed on to me by a friend that I have known and worked with for many years. What brought it up was showing her this site, at which point she said I needed to seek this man out and ask him about his picture.

What followed was a “unicorn” chase…

I met the man at a local diner establishment, where I introduced myself and explained that I would like to ask him a few questions, and that I had been directed to him by “my friend ######”.

He seemed somewhat surprised, and after a minute or two of discussion he proceeded to tell me that he did have a picture, but that he had hoaxed it. His stated reasoning was that he wanted to know what people would do. A simple social experiment. He claims to have taken an image, pasted a small picture of something in it near a hay bail, and then showed it to people. He said he never claimed what it was, and let people come to their own conclusions. Over half thought it was the “Him”, while the rest thought it was a bear or something else.

We then went on to a longer discussion about sasquatch in general, where he proceeded to start misquoting facts and internet rumors with regard to sasquatch. He went into the argument of there never being any good pictures, and the ones that seem good are fakes. The stories he was telling me were all fairly out of date, and it seemed he had at one time had a cursory interest in the subject, but had abandoned it.

It seemed he opened up some more near the end, but I was needing to leave at this point. Having already heard he hoaxed a picture, and then hearing so many erroneous comments, I was just inclined to write him off.

When I spoke to my friend afterwards and related events, she could not believe it. She is convinced he was lying, as evidently she had seen this picture at one time. Also, she knows he seemed to have a hard time with people not believing him when he would show it. It would evidently irritate him greatly. She said that he simply must not have trusted me and told me what he did just to make me loose interest.

I mentioned this mans name to a local police officer in the area that I know. He told me about an incident where this man had evidently been at a party, got in an altercation, went home and got a shotgun, went back to the party, and discharged the weapon a few times in anger. He then went back home and barricaded himself in his house and had a 4 hour standoff with law enforcement that ended peaceably (I assume he had time to sober up). However, it was the end of this man’s law enforcement career at the time.

I have people around me saying the guy has something really worth seeing. The guy says its a hoax and blows me off. I have a story about his history and behavior.

Do I abandon this guy? Do I keep myself open to see if he changes his story?



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