Apes in West Texas?

Welcome to Lone Star Apes and other Questionable Critters, where we seriously examine the sightings, reports, and rumors (some might say “legends and myths”) of Texas. These events often deal with people who have been scared, or even terrorized, to the point of having life changing consequences. These are the things that keep some people up at night and looking over their shoulder.

These are the “Boogey Men” in the flesh.

The reports and sightings have been gathered from a variety of sources, and have been categorized is a unique way that we feel actually leads to new understandings of their significance. No longer are they listed by the traditional “county”, but rather by geological feature. Once you see what we mean, I think you will readily agree it is a much better system.

Your going to read about real people experiencing actual events as they report them. Events that they have been told all their lives do not happen. People who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in the “looney camp” realizing that the “looneys” might not be “looney” after all.

This is where you will meet the likes of Charlie Gantt, a local Caddo rancher, who sums it up best in his own words. He had a sasquatch come onto his property one evening and he shot at the animal, believing his life and others, were in danger from the creature.

“…I risked my life for the sake of this community” Abilene_Reporter_News_Wed__Jul_22__1964_

Charlie Gant

You can read more about Charlie and his experience with a sasquatch in the Caddo Critter section.